141 Years of Baking

Baking lets you learn. The lessons come in every moment of the process. Sometimes you learn in time, but sometimes, it’s the next time. In a bakery kitchen, time itself is defining.

The seven most senior bakers in the City Bakery kitchen know baking and time. The least tenured baker in the group has been here for fourteen years. Four in the group have been here more than twenty-two years each. Combined, this group has been baking together at City Bakery for 141 years.

The New York City Subway system has been running 111 years.

No one in the group, including founder-baker Maury Rubin, had baked professionally in any real way before they began at
City Bakery.

Rosario Apolinar, Juan Landi, Hector Gonzaga, Miguel Ramos, Elizabeth Medina, Floriberto Barrerav.

Their hands have likely produced more cookies, tarts, pretzel croissants [of course!], homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate than any group of bakers in any New York bakery in many bakery moons.

Is there another bakery kitchen like this in New York? In the country?

The threads that bind this group: Skill. Judgment. Devotion. Friendship. Sacrifice. Accomplishment.

This group is our bedrock, and they’ve made City Bakery, City Bakery.