Birdbath Bakery

Birdbath Green Bakery is the eco-minded little sister of City Bakery.

Birdbath asks the question: How does a small bakery in a big city operate in an environmentally friendly way?

There are four Birdbaths in New York, designed by our baker, a collection of sweet and eclectic bakeries like none other. Each Birdbath is different. Most are tiny. One feels crunchy-granola, one is handsome and corporate, one is an actual landmark Italian bakery that we re-purposed, and one has a hidden loft where people do yoga on the floor or meditate. Or smooch.

We build Birdbath with our own hands as much as possible. We use bamboo and grasscloth and even walls made from wheat and sunflower seeds. We use new-fangled green building materials next to vintage wallpaper and antique flea market finds. We deliver food by bicycle rickshaw. In the last three years, we’ve pedaled 20,000 miles, equal to circling Manhattan 750 times!

The Birdbath menu is sweet and savory, lots of organic and local, part vegan, always seasonal, part new age baking and part old-fashioned traditional bakery. The one constant is Birdbath quality and creativity.