Maury Rubin

In 1986, Maury Rubin took a six-day pastry course in France and fell in love with baking. He then left a career producing and directing television at ABC Sports to begin baking, to the utter dismay of friends, family and loved ones. Three years later, Maury opened The City Bakery, presenting an updated vision of a neighborhood American bakery. City Bakery quickly became a local fixture, and within a few years, a food world destination.

Since 1990, Maury has built 15 bakeries in 24 years, designing them and creating the pastries that fill them. He’s created two brands –
City Bakery and Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery – and has overseen development of City Bakery in Japan. He created the
City Bakery Annual Hot Chocolate Festival, which hosts more than 50,000 chocolate lovers every February.

The New York Times Magazine called Maury “a bakery impresario.” He’s been featured in the New Yorker and Smithsonian and profiled by New York Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine and The Los Angeles Times. International media for Maury and City Bakery has extended around the world for many years.

Maury is the author, designer and illustrator of Book of Tarts, Form, Function and Flavor at The City Bakery, which won the IACP Cookbook Design of the Year Award in 1996.

As City Bakery enjoys its 25th year, Maury can still be found seven days a week at City Bakery or one of his Birdbath Green Bakeries.