The City Bakery

City Bakery is a neighborhood bakery with a worldwide reputation. A neighborhood joint and a destination for bakery lovers from around the world.

The bakery first opened on a side street in Union Square in 1990. From the start, City Bakery introduced a unique version of a bakery to New York: part bakery, coffee bar, cafeteria-style lunch and a chocolate shop. A rich and sensory food experience in a beautiful modern space. City Bakery put new ideas into every inch and ounce of the bakery category, and led a new generation of bakery thinking.

City Bakery made organic ingredients staple, was locavore before the word existed, and created hot chocolate that changed how hot chocolate is made everywhere. City Bakery also brought a design-minded intensity to the sleepy bakery business: more beautiful bakeries and a focus on visual identity.

City Bakery is now preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary this winter, with two generations of devoted customers from New York and beyond.

In the last quarter century, City Bakery has spawned a second bakery business in New York [Birdbath Green Bakery], and expanded to multiple locations in Japan. More international locations are in the works, too.

A long ways from its first days, City Bakery remains a food world favorite, and a taste of New York itself.