We Love Being A Bakery

We love all the things there are to love about bakeries.
The expectation. The spirit. The pleasure.
We love bakeries you can feel.
We love bakery history: old bakers, bakery nostalgia, classic storefronts.
We love modern bakeries just as much.
We love that families attach themselves to bakeries for generations.
We love that bakeries are tied to the heart of communities.

We love the word  bakery.

City Bakery is a bakery citizen of the world. We feel kinship with bakeries everywhere. We are proud of many accomplishments, especially that bakery lovers walk into our bakery everyday. We love being an ambassador of the New York bakery world.

We indulge ideas. We thrive on quality. We love ambition.
We work early, we work late. We work in our sleep.
We nitpick. We think on it. We love the heat of the kitchen.

We love baking and we love New York.